As your funeral director, I and my staff are here to help and advise in whatever way we can. We are dedicated professionals who provide a personal service to you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This web-site is an extension to the specialist information that we will discuss with you. It allows you to sit in the privacy of your own home and reflect on the information you have been given, and to raise any further questions you may have about complementary or additional services we can provide.

It is not our policy to impose urgency or apply undue pressure on you or your family. It is important for many people to reflect the personality and character of the person who has died within the arrangements and this often requires time and thought.

We are honoured to have been included in ‘The Good Funeral Guide 2010’, a totally independent organisation which seeks to recommend funeral directors who put service and traditional values before profit. Their website is accesible from our links page.